Visionary Reality : Optimum Efficiency & Satisfaction

Why and How can, the conscious manifestation of the Visionary Reality, be the key to a purposefull activity at its full potential ?

What is meant by Visionary Reality ? How are Visionary Reality & Consciousness intertwined and entangled ?

How does the conscious manifestation of the Visionary Reality of an organization/entreprise favorize fluidity, efficiency, prosperity within a highly competitive business, economic and financial context ?

How can a “bottom-up and top-down” approach (merging of the subtle and concrete realms) offer appropriate solutions to various challenges, issues and situations that organizations/enterprises are facing in the current environment ?

Pioneers of conscious leadership, conscious entrepreneurship, conscious business, whatever your field of activity,

The geopolitical and environmental context, the economic and financial situation, will increasingly encourage organizations to change the way they run business, manage human resources, define strategies, projects and activities towards a longer-term perspective when previously short and medium-term profitability was the priority.

In the world two main streams are co-existing :

  • a chaotic world of people driven by their unconscious patterns, to the grips of the feeling of fear, lack, suffering, scarcity, trapped by competition, globalization, wars, struggles for power, under the influence of low vibes morphic fields (e.g collective unconscious, law of causes and effects) etc.
  • a peaceful and balanced world where human beings are guided by their inspiration and empowerment, aware of the possibility to thrive beyond the existence and influence of morphic fields, focused on consious action and manifestation, connected to the infinite field of possibilities (Vacuum/Plenum full of information and energy) etc. – this world is called NEW EARTH.

The rules of the business game are evolving. It’s now possible, for more and more businessmen and businesswomen, to become pioneers of conscious leadership, conscious management, stepping out of limiting systems, structures, patterns, to open-up their organizations, enterprises, activities, to the VISIONARY REALITY that wants to emerge and reveals itself HERE and NOW into the material world, into the business realm.

The difference between these two realms is Consciousness. One could say the level of awareness with which activities, actions are led. In fact, the main difference is a matter of positioning. A bridge and entanglement, connecting “subtle and concrete”, “invisible and visible”, “material” and “spiritual”, what appears to be different, opposite, paradoxical …light-years apart.

As soon as a human being becomes aware of its true nature, he discovers the ability to thrive. Inspiration is the “birthright” of conscious human being, and Empowerment is its inner capability.  Consequently, each organization employing conscious human beings is about to thrive as soon as human resources are fully inspired and empowered. But it’s not about the unconscious and conditioned part (ego-mind) of workers doing their job pursuing promotions, compensation rises, recognition and so on, it’s not about the unconscious and limiting patterns at both individual (workers) and collective levels (morphic fields generated by all employees of the organization). It’s all about, letting Absolute Consciousness deploy itself through all workers, seeding morphic fields into the firm business realm, into the worldwide financial and economic environment.

What we call the NEW EARTH, is the stream of natural thriving, LIFE’s motion expanding itself from “nowhere” = “NOW-HERE” !
Just need to DO from Beingness, to position oneself in the “NOW-HERE”, resonating with the Plenum full of “VIE” (Vibration-Information-Energy), integrating the 0-point being inpsired and empowered to the contact of a growth amplifier and catalyst.
This NEW EARTH, is not reserved for what is called “spiritual people” as
 in our true nature we all are “spiritual beings”.

This NEW EARTH is opened to all beings inspired, empowered who feel the call to thrive into activities, into the world, by resonating with the reality of what is. This NEW EARTH offers new business models, structures, systems, resources, patterns aligned with the reality of what is, that’s why it’s the key to allowing activities to thrive in a world of abundance for all those who fell the call to be part of it. 

Unification Worldis a positioning allowing you to become aware of the filters that prevent you from connecting and manifesting the VISIONARY REALITY of your activity. And this visionary reality is not only allowing you to thrive, but also contributing to the emergence of a conscious world preserving LIFE and equilibrium on Planet Earth.
While you are experiencing and integrating the positioning “Unification World”, you are inspired and empowered at the highest level you have ever experienced before. Why and How ?
Simply because positioned in that way, you allow consciousness to recognize and deploy itself through the human being (at the individual level) and through morphic fields (at the collective level). That’s how a conscious world, full of abundance, breakthroughs, inspiration, empowerment, can emerge and reveal itself into business activity, economic and financial realms, whatever your field of activity and expertise is.

The VISIONARY REALITY is the expression of the most complete, successful and thriving vision of an organization. This visionary reality can be declined into the projects, strategies and human resources that, when they are at the center of the activity, when they are fully inspired and empowered, offer their best by acting with awareness, in alignment with the reality of what is.

Actions, Projects, Strategies, Researches, emanating and led from the “conscious and unconditioned part” of the human being are not only inspired and empowered but also thriving sustainably. Whereas those emanating from the “unconscious and conditioned patterns” and picked up by the “ego-mind” of the human being can appear at first sight  “inspired & empowered”. Yet, after a while, it will appear that those actions, projects, strategies, researches are neither satisfying, nor sustainable, are far too “energy-consuming”, and above all are not aligned with the reality of what is.

You feel the call to allow your business to thrive by being fully conscious, inspired and empowered, learn more on our website.

If you are an individual entrepreneur, an employee in a multinational company, join-us at the next workshop on December 1st 

If you are a leader of a worldwide organization, enterprise, please contact Axel, through this form 

See you NOW !

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