Vibrational Alchemy

Vibrational Alchemy is an individual path who engages the entire being and whose ultimate purpose is the radiance of its own Essence and the seeding of the World beyond the veils of interference, by accessing to more and more transparency, coherence, congruence alignment, integrity, thanks to a conscious co-creation with the Universe and the motion of Life at  the highest frequency resonance possible. This is a daily practice which requires patience, humility, equanimity, tenacity, authenticity, honesty, truth vs oneself and others, discernment (that is to say the ability to resonate with what is, without interpreting, distorting, projecting, controlling anything), temperance, self-mastering , gratitude and faith vs Life and so on….

The scheme summarizes the main steps (experienced simultaneously) to ascend/evolve, from dimension to dimension, through alchemical transmutation.

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