Unification – Alchemy & MorphoGenetic Fields

This graphics illustrates the fact that on planet Earth, human beings have generated – through the information, memories and energies they emanate and carry since eons – a matrix within which simultaneously co-exist multiple vibrational dimensions / gradients of densities (…2,3,4,5,6…). This matrix or invisible field is real at a vibrational level and is composed not only of matter (atoms) but also of information and energies that have been accumulated and stored over time since the birth of human being on Earth. This matrix is composed of multiple MorphoGenetic Fields (MGF) that evolve over time and in space. The MGF have impact/influences on the evolution of human beings at both individual and collective levels through harmonic resonance. It is up to every individuals to be aware of it and to live their lives with an enlarged and more unified consciousness every single day in order to free themselves from low vibration fields (i.e. Unconscious Collective, Planetary Karma but also certain egregors: religious/spiritual/sectarist/political  etc. that limit the creative power of the being by blocking his judgement and ability to think freely). The Quantum Vacuum is full with information and energies in an original coherent state. It is the only unified field we can connect to 24x7 without any danger to alter our individual field of consciousness. For the rest, the evolution path in the world of manifestation (manifested world = material world in our univers) invites us to progressively free ourself from these different fields of low frequencies.

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