The Alchemic Process

This scheme illustrates the de-programming of the luggage accumulated (through all the incarnations and this current life) by the human being who is opening itself to alchemy. This de-programming results from the alchemical process experienced by the being who becomes a conscious co-creator to the contact of a catalyst channel amplifier of the alchemical fire (the vibration) and transmutator (of information, memories, energies released from the being). The requested channel can be a human, an animal, a vegetable (plant), a crystal. The purest (in terms of transparency/crystalline structures) is the being who is requested as a channel,  the more the alchemical transmutation is experienced in a highest resonance frequency (intensity/power) and and wide amplitude (in space-time).

This process is based on 4 key steps experienced simultaneously (multidimensional vision in spiral)

  1. Opening to the alchemical fire (i.e vibration = universal energies) amplified by the catalyst/transmutator channel
  2. Observing and becoming aware of everything which emerges (information, memories, energies contained within the physical and subtle bodies
  3. Transmuting, the dissonant information/memories and crystallized energies accumulated into the different layers which composed the human being, thanks to specific alchemical breathing
  4. Radiating the Essence of the being, through the veils, which are less and less opaque/more and more transparent, while the being is experiencing the alchemy of everything he is mad of
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