Space Memory, Morphic Resonance & Morphic Fields

What are morphic fields?

Morphic fields, also called Morphogenetic fields, are invisible “form fields” that contain VIME “Vibrations, Information, Memory, Energies”, without having a consistent material substance (like atoms and electrons).

They are aggregates/vibratory masses, non-material zones of influence that expand through space, grow in time and embed a memory of their previous physical existences (according to a linear vision of time).

Morphic fields are directly connected with Space-Memory (previously called the Akashic Records) in other words all space-time structures that contain information and energy stored under a memory form.

The understanding of morphic fields and their role belongs to a new scientific paradigm, based upon a Multidimensional Vision (spiral) of LIFE, and influenced by the perception of a Unified Consciousness, within which the notion of Space-Memory and Quantum Vacuum (vacuity) prevails over the concept of Space-Time, linked to the old paradigm, and the linear vision and dissociated consciousness of “what is”.

How do morphic fields get created ?

Morphic fields include an inherent memory, acquired by a morphic resonance process, that composes the collective memory of every species (see Collective Unconscious – Carl Gustav Jung). The memory within morphic fields is cumulative, which means that any vibrational phenomena that would influence this memory become increasingly more persistent through repetition.

On planet Earth, morphic fields are composed of the sum of all thoughts, believes, emotions and behaviour patterns created and repeated, from generation to generation during eons, by living beings from the different visible kingdoms (**mineral, **vegetal, *animal, human). When repetition happens at a certain scale over the course of millions of years, the nature of the phenomena acquires a familiar and very deep quality, so deep that it becomes unchangeable, apparently eternal.

The evolution of morphic fields is dynamic and fluctuating. On planet Earth, since the emergence of life and the arrival of human being, certain morphic fields got created and grow (e.g. the collective consciousness, egregors with high vibrational frequencies) while others decrease (e.g. collective unconsciousness, planetary karma) or tend to disappear (e.g. certain egregors that are not fed any longer, as their origin is linked to a given and momentary context related to a specific event).

There are different types of morphic fields, some of the most well-known are the Collective Unconsciousness, the Egregors, the planetary Karma, the Collective Consciousness.

Each of these fields vibrate at a given frequency in resonance with the vibrational information, memory and energy that it actually contains.

*The Morphogenetic fields related to the mineral and vegetal kingdoms do not include any believes, emotions and thoughts so to speak but rather feelings related to the environment (human, animal,…). The behavioral patterns influence the birth/death development cycle.

** The Morphogenetic fields related to the animal kingdom include emotions, feelings and behavioral patterns, but no thought nor belief. These emotions and patterns interfere with the birth/death development cycle of animal species.


What are the effects of the morphic/morphogenetic fields on the living?

Form fields have an incidence on all auto-organized systems (atoms, molecules, crystals, cells, tissue, organisms, societies, ecosystems, planetary systems, solar system, galaxies…) and on all form of life on Earth and in the Universe.

In other words, the memory accumulated in the morphogenetic fields since the very beginning of life in the universe influence all different forms of material, molecular, cellular, and biological systems of the living creatures on Earth. It also influences the educational, parental, societal, cultural, political, religious, agricultural, financial and economic structures, as well as the ecosystems, the planets of the solar system, the galaxy and the Milky Way — all forms of life, from the smallest to the biggest inside the entire cosmos.

It is through the brain that living creatures, including human beings, relate to the morphic fields. Indeed, the brain is not a storage organ but rather a link to the database of the morphic field, in which past, present time, and future merge together (sum of all memory-spaces)  and within which all VIME are stored (Vibrations, Information, Memories, Energy).

These morphic fields have an influence on the behaviour of human beings, particularly through cross-generational heritages (conditioning, repetitive behaviours, and ancestral traditions), the collective memory of the human species through morphic resonance, while simultaneously the actions of all human beings influence these “form fields”.

It is equivalent to the bilateral radiating principle (where the broadcast and reception are simultaneous and inter-related), to the feedback principle at stake in the universe, to life in its essence (where emitting and receiving systems interact, meaning that any generation of information or energy emission carries out a response under the form of a feedback).


What principle underpins the effects of the morphic fields?

The influence of morphic fields, or form fields, on auto-organized system operates on the principle of morphic resonance.

Morphic resonance corresponds to the universal resonance principle applied to morphic fields, in other words many form fields enter in resonance with each other and influence each other –  transmission of causal and formative influences (see: the principle of causality “cause and effects”, notion of karma, causal plan) across space and time by translation of space-memory (see Ruppert Sheldrake).

Thus, the vibrations created in the present echo those created in the past in relation to the vibrational imprint of the accumulated memory stored in the fields. As an example, the movement of “Gilet Jaunes” in France in 2019 echo the French Revolution from 1789 through resonance with the morphic fields.

Morphic resonance could be defined as the vibrational process by which the past becomes the present within morphic fields (in a linear vision of time). And the morphic field generated by the present create future realities. This is the reason why, nowadays, more and more conscious human beings, experimenting a transmutation of their structures (physical and subtle bodies), act at an individual level through harmonic resonance (influencing the environment with which they interact) as well as at a collective level through morphic resonance (when high vibes fields created by groups of people influence the low vibes fields).


What is meant by morphic field seeding?

Thanks to the vibrational emission at stake through certain specific amplifying channels (whose structures are crystal-like both at the physical and subtle bodies) – whether human or part of other visible realms (animal, vegetal, mineral) or invisible (elementary present in Nature); some morphic fields are regularly dissolved to help planet Earth and its inhabitants to raise their vibrations, in other words to shift from a dissociated to a unified consciousness, raise the vibration both at an individual and collective level. As an example, the planetary Karma, Collective Unconscious or some low vibs egregors created during planetary events (e.g. wars, bombing, natural disasters…).

Simultaneously through the same channels, and some others in very specific cases, Consciousness aims at amplifying high vibs morphic fields to contribute to the raising of the vibrational level of planet Earth and its inhabitants from all reign, as these form fields have a direct impact on all forms of life through morphic resonance.

In the multidimensional vision of what is, of the relative reality, when all timelines, all realities to be experienced, already exist, it is possible for planet Earth and its inhabitants to live a shift from a dissociated to a Unified consciousness as soon as a critical mass of human beings awaken to their true nature, open-up to the Essence of LIFE, live in resonance with the reality of what is.

The Consciousness awakening of a certain amount of human beings influence through harmonic resonance the entire humanity. By becoming fully conscious and setting the physical and subtle bodies into coherence, they will start seeding through harmonic resonance the environment with which they interact, while acting in a collective way to foster the dissolution of low vibes morphic fields and enable the acceleration of the absolute consciousness deployment process on Earth.


How is it experienced and what are the effects felt at a human level ?

It has to be mentioned that when the seeding is experienced, it is an impulsion from Consciousness in every beings. When the radiation, through a human shape for instance, is emitted to seed a low vibes field, the human being who experiences this seeding is going to syntonize with the seeded field and consequently, for a short moment in time, will vibrate at the same low frequency coming from that field. He will then experience a vibrational yoyo effect between his own resonance frequency (vibrations) and the vibrations of the field.

The bigger the amplitude between the resonance frequencies, the more impacted are the structures (physical and subtle) of the individual being. The higher the resonance frequency of the beings (in relation to their own original frequency, the frequency of their soul, of their “individuated” Spirit, of their Higher-Self), the more their physical and subtle bodies are set back into coherence, the more they participate to the collective seeding (whether he realizes it or not).

This contribution to the awakening of the collective consciousness is experienced in the invisible and can be more or less intense, impactful, depending upon the astral configurations (for instance full/new moon, eclipses, vibrational portals) and the planetary events that do generate contextual egregors (the egregors are composed of the emotions, thoughts and all types of vibrations that emerge from the beings who get impacted by the event, directly or remotely).


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