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“ BEING human is, to live LIFE*/VIE* and act in Awareness,  to embrace human limitations, to allow the full potential of LIFE*/VIE* to be manifested. The acceptance of ‘what is’ induces an energy and cellular memory release, that offers humans the possibility to be fully inspired and empowered. “

~Christelle Bessou




What is it all about & who is it meant for ?




for all those who feel called to discover another way of seeing and experimenting life

Introduction & Prerequisites to the LIFE*/VIE* COACHING Workshops

  • Opening up to another way of perceiving LIFE*/VIE* in order to live life in Consciousness in a world of empowerment and sustainability that cultivates LIFE*/VIE* on Earth
  • Raising awareness of the possibility for the human being to observe and welcome, in Consciousness, the conditionings, the fragmentation and the limitations, in order to manifest the full potential of LIFE*/VIE* within joyful and blooming lives and activities in resonance with LIFE*/VIE*
  • Discovering the possibility for humans to experience the depth, the flow and the gracefulness of LIFE*/VIE* by freeing themselves HERE & NOW from the weight of the past and the concerns of the future
  • Identifying through observation, the areas of life/LIFE*/VIE* where an energy attunement needs to be experienced, to give way to a balanced and cohesive life
  • Highlighting blockages, limitations, patterns and recurring scenarios and offer the human being to fully embrace them in order to open up to the field of possibilities
  • Promoting the understanding of the possibility for the human being to live in congruence and authenticity by aligning “aspirations, needs and achievements” for an inspiring life that impacts the environment with which he interacts
  • Understanding the opportunity for accountability, self-empowerment and full embodiment of LIFE*/VIE* that results in living at the heart of a vibrant, radiant and abundant world where humans thrive on Earth




Where & How is it experienced ?



  • The LIVE of the Web’ Conference is experienced remotely from your home, by Internet connection via the ZOOM application on the date indicated (see schedule below)
  • The remote energy support in contact with Christelle, begins on the day of the online subscription, the peak of vibration is experienced during the LIVE (+/-3 H live with Christelle) and the integration of the Vibrations, Information and Energies received lasts +/- 7 weeks for each conference
  • The Web’Conference is lived in groups of 35 people or more (please notify us of your interest via the form below)
  • It is proposed to share the information received by Christelle in relation to the theme addressed, followed by a Q&A space answering both the participants who asked their questions and all those present
  • There is an increase in vibration and energy attunement of each participant, the group as a whole, the different morphic/morphogenetic fields (Collective Unconscious, Collective Consciousness, Planetary Karma, Egregores etc..) in relation to the subjects discussed during the LIVE and the awareness experienced by all during the integration period of the information & energies received of +/- 2 months




Effects & Advantages



  • A change of focus is initiated, allowing a new perspective to be seeded in consciousness on the quality of the life experienced, on life priorities, etc.
  • There is a reduction of crystallised energies, giving a clearer vision of what is right to experience and the position to occupy according to your LIFE*/VIE* plan
  • It is infused with a renewed energy offering everyONE the opportunity to take the actions needed in order to align the different areas of life, enabling a happy life, rich in intensity and abundant in achievements in resonance with your being
  • The integration of the information and energies received offers the emergence of awareness, intuition and inspirations that help humans become empowered, committed and supportive human beings in service of a fruitful world on Earth for years to come




Next Web'Conference LIFE*/VIE* Coaching










Planning 2020



WEB’CONFERENCES* for lives & activities to their full potential in a world of empowerment cultivating LIFE*/VIE* on Earth

Dates 2020 WEB’CONFERENCE : February 9th and November 29th [15h30 to 18h30 France/ 3:30 to 6:30 pm CET] duration +/- 3h

⇨ Number of Conferences : 2 per year (1 at the beginning of the year to prepare for the current year, and 1 at the end of the year to prepare the following year) depending on demand and the number of participants per conference (minimum 40 maximum 55). It is possible to plan a 3rd date (please contact us via the form at the bottom of the page).

⇨ dates & schedules subject to confirmation as and when required (please use the form below to set a second date if necessary)

The WEB’CONFERENCE is an introduction and a prerequisite for the COACHING OF LIFE*/VIE* WORKSHOPS

It is possible to watch the recording of February 9th Web’Conference Live session in French language  on Vimeo channel

2 video packs extracted from the Live workshops (02/09/20 and 03/29/20) are available in French : the W’C pack composed of 2 videos and the W’A pack composed of 5 videos. Would you like to experience the LIVE through these video packs, please contact Ingrid at [email protected] You will receive the access code and the links to watch the video on Vimeo as well as a description of the benefits of the energy (in French).


WEB’CONFERENCE : November 29th 2020

  • Online Subscription : from 11/22 to 11/27
    • After your subscription, you will receive a confirmation email from Paypal
    • The day prior to the LIVE, you will receive detailed information to experience the +/-3h of LIVE conference
    • As soon as you subscribe, the energetic work starts being in contact with Christelle
  • Online Connection (via Zoom):  03:30 – 6:30 pm CET (15h30 to 18h30 Paris time- France)
    • The day of the  LIVE, you are welcomed by Axel & Ingrid
    • Transmission of information and energies will start precisely at the time indicated in the email (please be punctual)


  • Main Theme : To be confirmed
  • Issues & Agenda :
    • Highlighting the 2021 energetic tendencies and perspectives for the world to allow surfing the wave of inspiration and conscious manifestation in all areas of life (family, love, career, sports, art, etc.)
    • Purpose of LIFE*/VIE* vibratory experience offering a new perspective on life and actions to be carried out in 2021
    • Energy experience of a Q&A period where the transmissions resonate both with the people asking the questions and all the participants simultaneously allowing a full integration for all participants of the information and energies communicated

Web’Conferences LIFE*/VIE* Coaching


The participation for 1 Web’Conference includes:

– Remote energy attunement experienced as soon as you purchase your LIFE*/VIE* Coaching Web’Conference Pass and during the entire integration period of Vibration, Information, Energy after the resonance peak during the LIVE (+/-7 weeks). From home, you open yourself to the meaning of LIFE*/life, you observe and welcome your conditioning and experience an energy alleviation in contact with Christelle, in order to free yourself from what limits you from seeing and living a life that allows you to be agile, powerful and in your right place.

– The peak of energy attunement lasting about 1h30 led by Christelle, live, on D-day, via the Internet during which Christelle shares information related to the theme of each conference, followed by a Q&A period, answering participants who asked their questions as well as benefiting all those present while allowing a gradual increase in vibration.

– The online connection via the Internet will be experienced on the D-day, thanks to the Zoom application (we provide a step by step guide to help you connect).

– The LIFE*/VIE* Coaching Web’Conference is a prerequisite for the LIFE*/VIE* Coaching Workshops.

– Please note that after you have subscribed online via this page, it is not possible to get a refund if you miss the LIVE. Your subscription is a commitment to participate in the online session via zoom at the precise date and time indicated on Facebook posts and within subscription emails.

Your Pass is valid for a single LIFE*/VIE* Coaching Web’Conference.

Be aware that trying to record the LIVE session on your own for personal use is not authorized. The proposed price does not include any audio-video recording.

Your payment is secure.

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