Vibrational Workshops
“TO DO emerging from TO BE”


for beings “in activity”
Individual Entrepreneurs, Creators, Employees,






Experience Self-Realization through transmutation and

achieve the highest potential of the activity in the world

thanks to Vibrational Alchemy by harmonic resonance

(without using any methodologies, without interference of the psychological mind)

What is an Alchemical Vibrational Workshop ?

The Unification World Vibrational Workshop is an original way and a privileged means to alchemically transmute the veils that restrict the unlimited Nature of your being and filter your radiance, as :


  • It is the privileged way to get in direct touch with the Essence of LIFE (Vibration – Information – Energy) that is active through (the shape) Christelle and doing it in privacy, within a group of 10 to 20 people maximum
  • It is the opportunity to reveal your Manifestation powerin re-connection with the Essence of LIFE within the human shape to achieve the highest potential of your activity, of the “professional” activity in the world
  • You will be guided with collective alchemical breathing and EXERCISES that are adapted to the needs and uniqueness of every’ONE and of all simultanously
  • You will leverage the power and amplitude of the vibrational radianceto transmute what is ready to be released in resonance with the workshop main theme, and by the inspirations that emerge into the field of consciousness that you connect to
  • You will share your experiences and your questionslive with the other participants and with Christelle who will bring explanations that are adjusted to every’ONE and to the group simultaneously

Vibrational Workshops are organized by groups of 20 people maximum to favour the closeness, exclusivity and confidentiality of shared information. These vibrational workshops are accessible in live only. A replay is available during few weeks to the participants who attended the LIVE workshop to help them integrate the received information and energy. The 3 Vibrational Workshops planned in 2019 can be experienced separately. You are most welcome NOW !


The Vibrational Workshop is an invitation, for all “active” beings, to free themselves from identifications and attachments while allowing the Creative Power to deploy itself at the disposal of a coherent LIFE, the activity, the world.

~Christelle Bessou


Benefits of Alchemy

experienced in contact with Christelle



Harmonic Resonance experienced in contact with Christelle works like a revelation of the Essence and a catalyst to set the human shape back into coherence

  • The Manifestation power is deployed to allow you to realize the full potential of your activity – and the activity in the world – to foster the emergence of new paradigms, new resources and structures
  • Intuitive perceptions and inspirations guide you towards following the flow of LIFE and let yourself be guided towards new opportunities
  • It emanates from your being a new crystal energy, a purer light, a wider shining that attracts new clients, partners and collaborators
  • The Mind, ego and the body(es) become more transparent, you start to reveal yourself as being conscious much more often and become self-aware of your inner stability, completeness, freedom and positive impact on the environment
  • The coherent LIFE appears to be joyful, fluid, obvious, abundant, unified and balanced
  • New insights emerge and shine deeper light on your shadows and all that was preventing you from fully achieving the nature of the being, the Nature of all that is
  • The accumulated veils of identifications and attachments that are limiting your full potential are highlighted to be better dissolved
  • Your vision gets larger and more unified (holistic and detailed visions develop simultaneously)
  • The mastery of your own sensory feelings, emotions, thoughts, believes, patterns of action starts to become more obvious, by letting yourself be traversed by them, progressively dis-identifying yourself from the roles and personas that you play
  • Your discernmentis getting sharper by entering in resonance with what is, without interfering (without interpretation, projection, distortion or controlling anything)














Whatever your calling, your field of expertise

Art, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Coaching, Communication&Media, Web Design, Wellness, Spirituality, Quantum Energy, Health, Ecology, Sciences, Technology, Business, Politics, Philosophy, Religion….

Benefit from a powerful Virabtional Transmutation service adjusted to your needs!






What are your going to experiment

before, during and after the workshop ?



Before the Vibrational Workshop

From the date of your subscription, energies will start working remotely and 24/7, from the moment you intend to open yourself to change and that you welcome everything that is offered for you to experiment in the heart of NOW

  • Your specific conscious and subconscious needs are met with depth and in details
  • In a multidimensional manner, from layer to layer
  • For you, the other participants and the people around you and with a lighter touch people that you meet regularly (in your private and business environments)


The day of the Vibrational Workshop :

  • You live an energetic experience at all levels of your being: physical, emotional, psychic, conscious, subconscious and collective, visible and invisible
  • You experiment an alchemic journey without interference of your psychological mind, letting progressively emerge all that covers the Essence of LIFE (thoughts, believes, emotions, images, representations, concepts, habits, patterns, behaviours) to be dissolved and the re-connection to the Heart is deployed
  • You let yourself be guided by the call of LIFE that works on all dimensions of your being, while harmonic resonance simultaneously works on all patterns and limiting archetypes to help freeing up the persona – that you believe to be – from all attachments that restrict the awareness and deployment of THE Consciousness


After the vibrational Webinar LIVE session,

  • you can feel the effect of the vibrational work continuously until the next Vibrational Workshop (9 weeks minimum)
  • You can feel intensity peaks depending on planetary events, astral configurations, the fertility of the compost within which you experience your daily life (family, friends, professional/artistic/sports activities,…)
  • You can experience fluctuations at physical, emotional, psychic, relational and behavioural levels… that will get adjusted more or less rapidly depending on your receptivity and availability to receive this radiance, your ability to welcome its effects in your being and your life.
  • You experience lightening, de-structuring/de-programming of old paradigms to move towards a new balance in resonance with the coherent LIFE and Nature
  • You progressively integrate new zero-point energies in the different layers that compose your body, autonomously while respecting your own rhythm



Become a Seeder of the world !

1/ You are aware that the development of your activity is intimately linked to the coherence of your Inner Being

2/ You feel the need to re-unify all parts of who you are to become an honest and impactful entrepreneur and influenceur, a transparent and aligned Co-Creator, an authentic and coherent and authentic Seeder

3/ You feel the call to deeply transmute in the greatest levels of detail any information and dissonant memories, crystallized energies that covers THE consciousness, alters judgement, hides the true nature and filters the inner shining

4/ You aspire to experience the “Realization of the nature of all that is” while contributing to building new paradigms towards a more conscious, free and unified Humanity

“ To be seeded by harmonic resonance offers “active” beings to become Seeders who influence the world with their coherence, integrity, alignment, transparency, like gardeners of THE Absolute Consciousness in the service of LIFE.”

~Christelle Bessou

Release and Dissolution of MorphoGenetic Fields

The GAME at stake on planet Earth boils down to detaching oneself from archetypes and patterns generated by Humanity and living beings from all kingdoms since their apparition on Earth, repeated from era to era

To be in contact with Christelle allows the VIME (Vibrations, information, Memories, Energies) that are included within Morphic/Morpho-Genetic Fields (MGF) to be dissolved through harmonic resonance, to let archetypes and patterns – to which human beings are deeply connected to as they truly believe that they are personas – to emerge into consciousness to be transmuted, to allow attachments and identifications to low frequency fields (ex. Collective Unconscious, Planetary Karma, Collective Consciousness, Egregors) to be dissolved

Participate to the next Unification World Vibrational Workshop and benefit from an alchemical radiance perfectly adjusted to your conscious and unconscious needs




Planning 2019



1st Vibrational Workshop: 01/27/2019

  • Subscription from 01/20 to 01/27
  • Online Connection (via Zoom): 05:00 pm to 08:00 pm  CET (Paris time)
  • Main Theme: “Open yourself to ABUNDANCE and FLUIDITY of Life to manifest the best in your life and activity in 2019 to serve a more conscious, peaceful and unified World
  • Program: 1/ Presentation of the new dynamic and its benefits for you and your environment – 2/ The Keys of Alchemy applied to your day-to-day life, to your activity  – 3/ Unique Alchemical Trip  – 4/ Q&A on the theme “How to be successful in 2019 experiencing full accomplishment”.


2nd Vibrational Workshop : 16th June

  • Subscription from 06/08 to 06/15
  • Online Connection (via Zoom):   4:00 – 7:00 pm CET
  • Main Theme: : “The Senses and the Essence to serve the creation of value-add in activities and in the world”
  • Program : 1/ Feedback & Debriefing about the integration period vs 1st Vibrational Workshop – 2/ The Keys of Alchemy applied to your day-to-day life, to your activity  – 3/ Unique Alchemical Trip   – 4/ Q&A on the theme “How to get rid of inner resistances and re-align what has to be realigned”


3rd Vibrational Workshop: 22nd September

  • Subscription from 09/14 to 09/21
  • Online Connection (via Zoom):   4.00 – 8.00 pm CET
  • Main Theme: : “From personal confidence (persona) to the Faith in the absolute Consciousness and in LIFE (Vibration-coherent Information – zero-point Energy) – From Realize Yourself to Realize “the SELF” – From rigid control of “one’s” life to the Welcoming of “THE” LIFE – From Doing that emerges from the persona (ego-mind-personality) to “Do/Act” emerging from to BE, so as to serve activities as well as new paradigms in the world”
  • Program : 1/ The Keys of Alchemy applied to your day-to-day life, to your daily life 2/ Unique Alchemical Journey 3/Q&A on the theme “How to allow the decided actions to become impactful, sustainable and prosperous”






To what extent harmonic resonance in contact with Christelle is helping you manifest the best in your life ?


Life has transformed Christelle into an Alchemy Human Tool serving LIFE, Living Beings, Human Collective and planet Earth.

She has become a revelation device for the Field of infinite possibilities, an energy booster, an accelerator of growth in resonance with Nature, with LIFE at the coherence state.

She acts as a Vibrational Coach to serve the emergence of new resources, systems, structures, technologies in alignment with the Reality of what is.

Visionary Consultant, specialized in Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields, she contributes to highlight their influence on the different forms of LIFE (VIE*), matter, as well as organizations.

The vibrational service that occurs at her contact operates by harmonic resonance beyond interference of the psychological mind (psyche), without using any given technics. It works by the alchemical action of the vibration which offers you to experience at a pace adjusted to your conscious and subconscious needs the lightning of everything that is limiting you. It reveals your limitlessness nature while manifesting the full potential in your activity and in alignment with your life plan.



including  PayPal tax

The  price includes the following services :

– Benefit from the vibrational remote healing and attunement radiance 24/7 starting from the date of your subscription to the Vibrational Workshop Pass and will continue during the full integration period after the Vibration Peak during the Live event (+/- 9 weeks). From your home, you will experience the alchemical transmutation of dissonant information/memories and crystallized energies accumulated during the incarnation cycle on Earth and in the Universe, by harmonic resonance at work through, the powerful vibrational amplifier and transmutation catalyst, who is Christelle.

– The peak of radiation during the “+/-3 to 4 hours” live session guided by Axel &  Christelle through the web. From your home, you will experience an amazing alchemical journey aligned with the workshop’s main theme. This alchemical trip will be followed by a Q&A session during which the multidimensional vibrational language deployed through Christelle will respond not only to the participants who asked the questions but also to the entire group, who will then integrate alone in presence with themselves during the integration period after the LIVE.

– Access to the Vibrational Workshop will be done online via Zoom software (you will be guided step-by-step to get you connected).

Your pass is valid for one Vibrational Workshop.

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