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LIFE*/VIE* Coaching is an invitation to embrace in awareness human limiting patterns to allow the Creative Power of LIFE*/VIE* to unfold itself consciously in the activity and the world.

~Christelle Bessou


What is it all about & who is it meant for ?




Conscious manifestation in the field of possibilities at the heart of the activity, projects and realizations of life

Whether you are Entrepreneurs, Employees, Creators, Retired, Unemployed or other

        • Manifest Here & Now the visionary reality for an empowered and engaged world in resonance with LIFE*/VIE*
        • “Live, Act, Create, Interact” in consciousness in all areas of life and experience in the world
        • Embody authenticity, integrity, alignment, coherence, congruence, transparency, for a world that cultivates LIFE*/VIE* on Earth




Where & How is it experienced ?



  • Each workshop is experienced LIVE from the comfort of you own home, through internet connexion via the ZOOM application at the selected date
  • The remote energetic support with Christelle starts on the day of your online subscription. The peak of the energetic influence will be felt during the LIVE session (+/- 4h of live conversation and exchange with Christelle) and the integration of the Vibrations, Informations and Energies received lasts +/- 9 weeks for each workshop
  • Each workshop is experienced in small groups of 15 to 24 people (maximum) to promote proximity, privacy and the efficiency of the energetic interaction between Christelle and the participants.
  • The workshop includes Live examples through meditations and guided energetic excercises followed by a dedicated space for each participant to share their experiences while answering everyone’s needs simultaniously.
  • A vibrational harmonization of the body and energetic field of each participant, the group as a whole as well as various morphic and morphogenetic fields is experienced (Collective unconsious, collective consciousness, Planetary karma, egregore, etc)  regarding the subjects encountered during the LIVE session as well as the awareness experienced by the group during the integration period of 3 months.




Effects & Advantages



  • Self limiting patterns, beliefs/thoughts/emotions, repetitive life scenarios and self-programming are consciously observed and deprogrammed/released, new evidence/inspirations emerge at the level of the being, the activity, the environment with which the human being interacts, to manifest the projects and choices in all sectors of LlFE*/VIE*
  • Through memory release of all limitations and what makes the human suffer, emerges an enlightened vision for a peaceful, intense and light life (in terms of energy) resulting in an impactful and thriving activity supporting a balanced and fluid world.
  • The simplification of consciousness offers a greater quality of life/LIFE*/VIE*, inspiring coherence in action, creation and realization, uncovering a world of sharing and sustainability.




Next LIFE*/VIE* Coaching Workshop








Being seeded by absolute Consciousness, allows active human beings to ‘be-come’ seeders that influence the world by their authenticity and alignment, as would gardeners of Consciousness, serving a blooming world that cultivates LIFE*/VIE*.

~Christelle Bessou




Planning 2020


LIFE*/VIE* COACHING for living and acting from your full potential, in a world of empowerment, cultivating LIFE*/VIE* on Earth.

The proposed LIFE*/VIE* Coaching workshops are meeting spaces where participants can be in full Presence with THYselves. They are opened to all who resonate with them. Whether you are an active individual (whatever your activitiy might be), retired, currently unemployed or facing any other life situation, you are most welcome to join !

2020 WORKSHOP dates : 03/29 – 05/17 – 07/05/ – 08/30 – 10/18 – 12/08  [14h30 to 18h30 France/ 4:30 à 6:30 pm CET]

⇨ a minimum of 3 workshops a year, based on demand and the amount of people that sign up (minimum 15-maximum 25)

⇨dates & schedule subject to confirmation progressively (thank you for informing us of your specific needs in the form thereafter)



1st WORKSHOP: March 29th 2020

  • Online Subscription: from March 15th to March 27th
  • Online Connection (via the Zoom application):  02:30 – 6:30 pm CET (14h30 to 18h30 Paris time – France)
  • Main Theme : Nourish/feed ONEself in awareness to manifest the full potential and offer the best of ONEself 

Issues & Agenda : 

  1.  Raising awareness of the different forms of nourishment/food (in terms of LIFE*/VIE*) that influence the life of the human being
    • Solid and liquid food (which food to adopt according to the life lived)
    • Emotional and relationship nourishment (what are the patterns that lead to relationships at the friendship, family, love, professional level, etc.)
    • Energy nourishment through sexuality, sports and artistic activity etc.
  1. Becoming conscious of the gap between desires and basic needs to integrate the necessary adjustments in awareness
  2. Integrating adjustments into open-mindedness beyond habits, life and environment constraints,

Participants are led throughout the +/- 4 hours through practical exercises, breathing, visualizations, offering to embrace the conditioning and limitations of the human being to let the creative power of LIFE*/VIE* unfold in the human being.







The price for 1 workshop includes:

– Remote energy support, experienced as soon as you purchase your LIFE*/VIE* Coaching Workshop Pass and during the entire integration period of Vibration, Information, Energy after the resonance peak during the LIVE (+/-9 weeks). At home, you experience a vibratory attunement of your body and your energy field in contact with Christelle, helping you materialize in consciousness the field of possibilities at the heart of your life and activity.

– The vibrational peak during which energy attunement is at work, has a duration of +/-4 hours led by Axel and Christelle, live, on D-day, via the Internet during which you will experience live examples through meditations and guided energy exercises related to the theme of each workshop. These exercises are followed by an allocated period to share the experiences of each member while meeting the practical needs of all simultaneously.

– The online connection via the Internet will be experienced on D-day, thanks to the Zoom application (we provide a step by step guide to help you connect).

– Please note that after you have subscribed online via this page, it is not possible to get a refund if you miss the LIVE. Your subscription is a commitment to participate in the online session via zoom on the date indicated in the description above.

Your Pass is valid for a LIFE*/VIE* Coaching Workshop.

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