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“ Link your scientific breakthroughs

(in domains such as free energy, quantum biology, consciousness and its impact on health, MorphoGenetic fields and their interaction with the energetic structures of human beings)

to the powerful effects of vibrational alchemy to fine tune the evaluation of the impacts of your technologies on all aspects of living beings and their interaction with Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields.”

~Christelle Bessou





–          Analysis via direct experimentation of the technology 

–          Recommendations for the deployment of an optimal and aligned communication plan in resonance with your targeted    market and the different type of users

–          Proposals to design training curriculum to ensure an appropriate use of the technology adapted to users’ needs over short, mid and long-term periods








Christelle Bessou personally tests the developed Technology and a complete report – based on a multi-dimensional approach is produced summarizing :

–          Perceived effects of the Technology on Christelle’s structures (physical and subtle bodies including interaction with Morphic/Morpho-genetic Fields)

–          Summary of information (channelled via the Quantum Vacuum) about the impact of the Technology on Morphic/Morphogenetic Fields and the Evolution Plan currently occurring on planet Earth

–          Recommendations for calibration and deployment to ensure optimal use and effect of the Technology for various types of beings




1/ Meeting with the Visionary/Inventor/Designer of the Technology

A face-to-face meeting between Christelle Bessou and the Inventor of the technology will be organized. The objectives of the meeting are :

  • Understand the purpose of the technology, its high-level scientific principles and operating model. As part of this discussion, user feedbacks and laboratory experiences results will be investigated
  • Review how this technology is supporting the wider evolution process currently happening on planet Earth and what benefits it will bring to the users on the long-term
  • An operational discussion about the target audience, the development plan and the growth strategy will also take place.

At the end of the meeting, the Technology will be shipped to Christelle so that she can starts testing it


2/ Testing and experiencing the Technology

Unification World will test the technology over a period of 4 to 8 weeks. On week 8, a report will be generated that describes in detail the impact of the technology on the various structures of living beings (ex: for human beings: physical and subtle bodies + Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields), on the elements (water, air, earth), as well as a description of the evolution of these effects over the entire time-period of the test


3/ Debriefing

A debriefing session will be organized between the Inventor and Christelle Bessou face-to-face or virtually via Zoom to discuss the outcome of the reports, the recommendations and respond to any questions from the Inventor. Discussion about the tests, the experiences and future tests for the technology will be discussed in details











Unification World team – based on the Impact Report for Advanced Quantum Technology – provides a unified communication and detailed recommendations to position the technology appropriately within the context of human evolution, taking into account humans’ bio-rhythms, their metabolisms, their specific needs while clarifying the personal benefits that the technology will bring at Physical, Emotional, Mental and other levels.



To customize the Communication plan taking into account key dimensions such as the global evolution plan, Morphic/Morphogenetic Fields development (including low vibration fields generated by human beings ie. Unconscious collective, planetary karma), different evolutionary steps in terms of levels of consciousness and vibration for each targeted audience considering specific needs (conscious and unconscious) in the various parts of their lives, including their professional activities




1/ Detailed review of the Marketing Plan

Face-to-Face or Virtual meeting to review the marketing and communication plans currently in place. Review of the targeted audiences, objectives on the short/mid/long term, wording and terminology used to communicate, colour and symbols aligned with the current design of the marketing campaign


2/ Communication Report

Based on the collected information, Christelle Bessou will channel (from the Quantum Vacuum) the necessary information to develop a communication plan that positions the new Technology in such a way that it gains maximum impact in harmonic resonance with the global Evolution plan. The Communication Report will provide guidance on how to best structure the marketing campaigns, which targeted audiences to approach and with which frequency, while leveraging specific terminology, colours and symbols that are more aligned with universal energies and the earthly, galactic and cosmic resonance


3/ Debriefing

The outcome and recommendations of the Communication Report will be discussed during a face-to-face meeting or virtually. Any questions from the Inventor will be addressed during the meeting


4/ Progressive Communication Consulting

This is an optional service. Inventors can request regular recommendations from Christelle Bessou to review the communication campaigns on a 6 to 9 month-basis and obtain new channelled information to keep the right alignment with the energies of the Earth and the dynamic of the Morphic/Morpho-Genetic fields (including low vibration fields)










Pre-requisite: Service #1

Unification World team – based on the Impact Report for Advanced Quantum Technologies – will help design a progressive Training and Enablement curriculum to ensure that users make optimal use of the newly developed Technology over short, mid and long-term horizons. This training will be as specific as possible based on the typology of users and will integrate a unified vision of how the technology will contribute to the evolution process on Earth and help increase the health, energetic, intuitive, inspirational and consciousness developments of the users. These training workshops can be face-to-face, virtual or digital, depending on the operational scope defined for the technology and the designed strategic deployment plan






To what extent is her action geared towards helping you manifest the best in your activity ?


Life has transformed Christelle into an Alchemy Human Tool serving LIFE, Living Beings, Human Collective and planet Earth.

She has become a revelation device for the Field of infinite possibilities, an energy booster, an accelerator of growth in resonance with Nature, with LIFE at the coherence state.

She acts as a Vibrational Coach to serve the emergence of new resources, systems, structures, technologies in alignment with the Reality of what is.

Visionary Consultant, specialized in Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields, she contributes to highlight their influence on the different forms of LIFE (VIE*), matter, as well as organizations.

The vibrational service that occurs at her contact operates by harmonic resonance beyond interference of the psychological mind (psyche), without using any given technics. It works by the alchemical action of the vibration which offers you to experience at a pace adjusted to your conscious and subconscious needs the lightning of everything that is limiting you. It reveals your limitlessness nature while manifesting the full potential in your activity and in alignment with your life plan.




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