for Visionary Organizations
and Enterprises







“Move from the manifestation of your vision to the achievement of the Great Work of your organization, by finding the perfect equation where the different factors – correctly indexed and at the right place –, offers alchemy to operate in resonance with the different environments, elements and beings, your organization interacts with.”

~Christelle Bessou





for Leaders




Incarnate and radiate the highest version of yourself to materialize your most ambitious strategies


A series of 3 to 9 sessions of 90 to 120 mns (occurring every 3 weeks)  during which Christelle helps you identify the veils that restrict your vision, your intuition, inspiration, creativity, then transform them thanks to the vibrational alchemy by harmonic resonance. You will gain in transparency, authenticity, integrity and congruence. From this new state of being, you start to perceive new ideas, directions and strategies for your business that are more aligned with the potential of your enterprise, the different beings and structures with which you interact (colleagues, suppliers, targeted markets, clients) while taking into account the economic situation and the evolution of the world and the subtle influence of Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields.

Christelle can also help you fine tune your personal or corporate communication by identifying the vocabulary, symbols and colours that best resonate with your newly developed vision and strategies so that she can help aligning them all together






for Teams




 Harmonize and align the energies of the group for a sustainable execution of the strategy and a continuous growth of the activities


Whether you are a board of directors, a group of managers within the same business unit or a project-oriented team, join a group vibrational coaching session with Christelle to harmonize the way you collectively work, increase effectiveness, access new inspirations and axes of reflection and identify solutions to complex strategic and organizational issues. Christelle’s vibrational coaching adapts to your team’s unique configuration and enters in resonance with the state and potential of your enterprise as well as with the dynamic of the business environment

Through an interactive and open discussion, Christelle provides you with a broaden perspective on the situation and highlights new options, more aligned with your collective mission and your short/mid-term objectives while ensuring the effectiveness and sustainability of your actions in space and time




To what extent is her action geared towards helping you manifest the best in your activity ?


Life has transformed Christelle into an Alchemy Human Tool serving LIFE, Living Beings, Human Collective and planet Earth.

She has become a revelation device for the Field of infinite possibilities, an energy booster, an accelerator of growth in resonance with Nature, with LIFE at the coherence state.

She acts as a Vibrational Coach to serve the emergence of new resources, systems, structures, technologies in alignment with the Reality of what is.

Visionary Consultant, specialized in Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields, she contributes to highlight their influence on the different forms of LIFE (VIE*), matter, as well as organizations.

The vibrational service that occurs at her contact operates by harmonic resonance beyond interference of the psychological mind (psyche), without using any given technics. It works by the alchemical action of the vibration which offers you to experience at a pace adjusted to your conscious and subconscious needs the lightning of everything that is limiting you. It reveals your limitlessness nature while manifesting the full potential in your activity and in alignment with your life plan.



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