The Morphogenetic fields and their impacts on Humanity and the Planet Earth

In our essence, we are all creators, whether we are fully aware of it or not. Everything that we manifest by interacting with the universe, the Earth, and other living beings influences our present reality and our becoming — both at an individual and collective level.

We have the possibility to reverse all of our tendencies as soon as we realize what is not serving the common good and the evolution of the community. By applying the law of resonance and the principle of morphic resonance, the attainment of a critical mass can switch the planetary consciousness and enable the emergence of a conscious, free and unified humanity.

Since the birth of human beings on planet Earth, morphic/morphogenetic fields have been generated in the invisible realm created by the thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions, patterns, conditioning, programming, all vibrational emanations of humans.

Those fields are aggregates of VIME “Vibrations, Information, Memories, Energies”, generated by the thoughts, emotions, believes, actions, patterns and conditionings of the human beings. They result in the accumulation of energies and vibratory frequencies emanating from human beings. These invisible masses are like clouds that evolve as we evolve. These fields can expand or contract, grow or decrease both from a vibratory standpoint, vibrating higher or lower, and an accumulated information/energy standpoint.

There are different types of morphogenetic fields on Earth , some of the most well know are :

  • EGREGORES: When a group of human beings gathers to serve a common cause, their thoughts, emotions and beliefs generate a vibratory field called EGREGORE. This field vibrates at a certain vibratory frequency, coming from the aggregate of the vibratory frequencies of all the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs generated. Consequently, some EGREGORES have a high vibratory frequency with positive effects (in an elevational/stimulatory/creator sense) on the beings who connect to them consciously or unconsciously. Other EGREGORES have a low vibration that have negative effects (in the sense of bad/destructive effects). Last but not least, there are neutral EGREGORES. The EGREGORES are “contextual” as they are linked to specific time-bound events (e.g. soccer world cup, presidential election, bombing, natural disaster, war, financial crash, aircraft accident).
  • THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS: Since the eve of time, repetitive human behaviors are transmitted from generation to generation — whatever the era and the location. This information is saved in what Carl Jung has called the collective unconsciousness, which is represented by archetypes. Without great/full awareness, Humans reproduce these destructive behaviors mechanically, feed limiting relationships (also considered as “toxic”) and respond to impulses that are recorded in this vast database.
  • THE PLANETARY KARMA: The law of cause and effect (karma principle) was established on Earth at the origin of times. All the actions of humans have produced more or less beneficial/disastrous consequences for both humanity and the planet Gaïa. Human beings and communities, whose consciousness is more or less expanded, continue to generate karmic charges at a vibrational level with collective impacts on the Earth and its inhabitants.
  • COLLECTIVE AWARENESS refers to the beliefs, behaviors, and mental representations shared within a community that function as an autonomous force. A society, a nation, a group creates a vibratory entity (or aggregate of vibrational frequencies). This entity behaves like an individual and influences humans.

To contribute to the raising of humanity’s vibration, to enable the earth and its inhabitants to shift from a dissociated plan of awareness to a unified one (Consciousness Awakening) some dedicated beings (in other words the Consciousness embodied in specifically designed physical vehicles) have chosen and choose to incarnate on Earth. Their contribution and special abilities consist in the Seeding of Morphogenetic Fields by allowing the absolute Consciousness to flow through their beings (and act through their channels adjusted for this purpose) as necessary to dissolve low vibrations EGREGORES, the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS, the remaining of PLANETARY KARMA, and all accumulations of energies that might slow down the process of ascension, evolution and awakening. Simultaneously, the absolute Consciousness amplifies through these channels/beings the high-frequency EGREGORES (ex. egregore of unconditional love) and promotes the expansion of a unified consciousness by seeding collective consciousness on a planetary level.


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