Harmonic Resonance, Synchronization & Manifestation

Every human being is a channel of reliance between sky (cosmic/galactic plane) and earth (earthly plane). It is like an antenna is connected with the different planes of consciousness and universal dimensions of life. This includes the entire cosmos, including all forms of life and worlds (mineral, vegetable, animal, human, elemental, and spiritual)

Whether they are conscious or unconscious of what is happening, every human being comes into resonance with the system in which he lives and interacts. That’s why it’s important for humans to become more and more conscious of all exogenous elements in their environment to consciously interact with the world with awareness of their impact on humanity and on an individual and collective plane.

Thanks to the universal resonance principle, human beings have the possibility to manifest their VISIONARY REALITY, the most elaborated version of their future by being open-minded to the intangible and interacting consciously with the Universe, with all forms of life, all worlds.

This synchronization ability accounts for the tuning of vibration. We oscillate to match the frequencies of surrounding systems and beings. This operates by simple imitation (ex: NLP Neuro-linguistics Programming), by survival instinct (ex: animals), by conditioning (ancestral practices, trans-generational heritage), or by an exacerbated sensibility and receptivity to the exogenous elements.

As a consequence, by expanding and unifying the consciousness field, by elevating the vibration of different fields of matter, any human being can transform his vision of reality, from partial (linked to the interferences generated by the low vibs morphic fields) to visionary. He can also influence his time-space matrix (space-memories) and manifest a brand new reality, made up of living creatures and different forms of matter (place of life, objects, finances, activities) which harmoniously resonates with his vibratory state, with his expansion and unification consciousness.

He then realizes that there is no fatality, no element of chance. Every coincidence is a synchronicity, a sign, feedback sent by the universe as a response to what anyONE emanates and vibrates.

Therefore, as we raise our awareness, we realize that humans can manifest a new reality by acting as an agent of consciousness, responsible and engaged on both individual and collective levels. To materialize the world in which we want to live, we have to live out the transmutation and the unification of our interior world. This will lead, thanks to morphic and harmonic resonance, to big changes on Earth and in the whole cosmos.


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