Gratitude for your donation in support of Christelle’s planetary free work to foster EVOLUTION of consciousness, structures and systems

Thank you for your receptivity to the Unification movement, the planetary Seeding of morphogenetic fields which operates through Christelle’s being

This volunteer activity occurs in the invisible. The universal energies that radiate through Christelle being are at work 24/7, 365 d/365 with peaks of amplification during special astral configurations (ex. New/Full Moon, Eclipse…) and when certain events occur such as presidential elections, natural disasters, accidents, attacks, wars, geopolitical conflicts, gatherings such as political, sportive, spiritual and social…

Thank you infinitely for your co-creative energy exchange to support  EVOLUTION of the HUMAN COLLECTIVE

Contribute to Co-Create the UW Academy

Support Christelle’s Morphogenetic Fields Free Work

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