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UW Academy’ video (in french) with english subtitles is coming soon !


Allow every human being, who speaks French and English and feels the call to alchemically unify and transmute their inner world to promote the emergence of a conscious, free and unified humanity.



  • Proposed in French and in a second time with English subtitles
  • Researchable online with unlimited access after registration and contribution
  • Principally composed of pre-recorded vibrational videos on specific topics that are separated into modules
    • The modules encompass different themes of the evolution and growth of the human being
    • The courses contain multiple vibrational keys, through the message transmitted and the energy received that has a multidimensional impact on all the layers of the human being (physical, emotional, psychic, trans-generational, and karmic).
    • They show others how to live in an autonomous/responsible/engaging manner to transmute and unify the inner world for a life of harmony, balance, health, abundance, serenity, and liberty.
    • Each is an expression of our co-creative power and the manifestation of a profound aspiration to live in connection with our essence (the soul-spark of life) and in the respect of our true nature.
    • The modules are easily applied to different fields (professional activity, sports activity, artistic activity, and relationships)
  • The Academy will also offer high vibrational webinars interviews & workshops. These take on the form of : online discussions in quarterly or monthly intervals (depending of the planetary events and activity in the invisible morphogenetic fields), animations by the interviewer, Q&As and sharing of the experiences of the participants, and thematic videos
    • Each offers a case-by-case, enlightening explanation of the situation and problems encountered by Academy participants following planetary events and the transformational impact they have on human beings at the individual level, as well as the collective.


There are multiple immediate effects, as well as those that happen overtime. Alchemy is an art that can be mastered through repetition, discipline, attendance, patience, and perseverance. It is a practice that opens to the doors to the magic of life.

  • Every piece of media in our library has multiple interpretations that continue to open users to the state of unification and a higher vibratory consciousness.
  • The energies shining through the channel of Christelle also integrate and assimilate the information transmitted through the physical and subtle bodies of the user. Subscribers will experience a profound transmutation of cellular memories and DNA.
  • It’s important to watch our videos in a way that facilitates the integration of the received energy. Spend time alone in presence, drink 1.5l to 3l water, lay down at least 15 minutes after the transmission, take showers/baths with salt to help with the detoxication process, adjust your food diet by listening to your needs, take in healthy and natural products (avoid transformed and chemical products) and so on.
  • The videos can be watched over and over again until you see your desired transformation materialize and are able to manifest a united, dream life in close relation with your intuition and your inner guidance.
  • Unlimited access to the videos allow the users to respect their own evolution and assimilation rhythm, the integrity of their being and their needs, as they integrate the transmitted information and received energies. We offer total freedom for the users to choose whatever module they feel guided to study at different times.


Contribute to the co-creation of Unification World Academy in favor of Unified Consciousness expansion on Earth allowing Humankind to converge towards Unity, Peace & Freedom.


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