Realizing the purpose of LIFE*/VIE* & Revealing Unification

The experience of life on Earth takes on a whole new depth when a human being discovers its purpose. Realizing and integrating the true significance of life offers humans an opportunity to live purposefully and in harmony with LIFE*/VIE*.

At the source of ALL that exists, there is Consciousness which is experienced as LIFE*/VIE* in the universe. This LIFE*/VIE* can be described in many forms from the most subtle (vibration) to the most tangible (matter), from the macrocosm to the microcosm, from the infinitely big to the infinitely small.

In the absolute, from a unified perspective, everything is Consciousness. As the title Unification World suggests, it is envisioned to end the illusion of separation between the “spiritual” and the “material” world and to simply open up to LIFE*/VIE* in ONEself and to live in full Awareness. Here and now on Earth, it is possible for humans to become aware of the meaning of LIFE*/VIE* and to live LIFE*/VIE* in Awareness in society, while working, enjoying hobbies, through family life, intimate and loving relationships, etc.

Tuning to the 0 (zero) point, the beginning of existence of the universe, LIFE*/VIE* is “Vibration-Information-Energy” in a coherent state. This LIFE*/VIE* evolves, expands and contracts, according to different states of density, dissonance and crystallization, from invisible to visible, from subtle (vibration) to tangible (matter). As a mirror of the motion of LIFE*/VIE* that evolves within the impermanence of life/things, it is possible to morph from a state of density, dissonance and crystallization, to a state of subtlety, coherence and lightness. This is possible through releasing Memories which in turn restore coherence of shapes (bodies of living beings, matter, elements, sites and places) and fields of form (morphic and morphogenetic fields, for example, the Collective Unconscious). This energetic and memory release is experienced in a state of grace, embracing these memories and energies as they are, living the experience of “being with”, beyond human will that the situation be different. This offers the possibility for humans to live in joy, peace and love. This allows for activities to be experienced in the flow and the energy to move freely, in the natural abundance and thrive of LIFE*/VIE*. This allows the world to reveal itself in a new light, referred to as the New Earth. This world is one ruled by the values of sharing, altruism, compassion, empathy, sustainability, balance, ethics, respect, equanimity, integrity, authenticity, etc.

LIFE*/VIE* in the universe and on Earth follows certain principles :

  • RESONANCE (all LIFE*/VIE* oscillates at a +/- harmonic or disharmonic resonance frequency)
  • RHYTHMS & CYCLES (all manner of LIFE*/VIE* unfolds according to LIFE*/VIE* movement, for example : birth, growth, death for all living beings (minerals, vegetal, animal, human) but also within matter (commonly referred to as life cycle and product obsolescence)
  • CAUSE AND EFFECT (for every action there is a reaction, any LIFE*/VIE* emission (Vibration-Information-Energy) generates a feedback, a boomerang effect, a consequence that can be observed within a short or long timeframe after the action occurred)
  • POLARITIES (all LIFE*/VIE* is unfolded according to poles or opposite and complimentary axes (ex. Yin&Yang, Plus&Minus, including the “Masculine and Feminine” Gender)
  • CORRESPONDENCE (LIFE*/VIE* is reflected between shapes by mirror effect) :
    • 1st example : a dissonant memory found in a human will come into disharmonic resonance with its correspondence with the human he is interacting with (ex : memories of rejection, abandonment, injustice, abuse, humiliation, neglect, non-recognition, etc)
    • 2nd example : a coherent information in a human body (ex : pranic state) will call upon the activation of the same experience with another human with whom there is a harmonic resonance ( who will then experience the pranic state in a one-off fashion or in a lasting state if that is the LIFE plan)

While positioning yourself in the HERE and NOW, it is possible to experience LIFE*/VIE* and live it in a unified presence where :

  • all is included in LIFE*/VIE* and everything coexists simultaneously (while perceiving polarities in a unified rather than dissociated way)
  • everything is possible while following the rhythms and cycles of the LIFE*/VIE* movement
  • paradoxes, opposites, polarities are pieces of the same puzzle which is perceived in its entirety while revealing itself and building itself one step after another.

This outlook on life allows us to perceive that LIFE*/VIE* emerges from a unified field of Consciousness (of Being) to be lived through the wide range of experiences that make up a human being. Henceforth, it is possible for the human being to live LIFE*/VIE* in Awareness. It is the era of the unified Human-Being, where “Being & Human” are in unity and alignment. Following these same principles, it is possible to act, create, interact and manifest the infinite field of possibilities, to materialize inspiration, intuition, experiencing life HERE and NOW, which offers all activities and the world to be in resonance with a coherent, abundant and balanced LIFE*/VIE*.

Revealing the “unified Human BEING” & Acting consciously

The experience of survival, duality, lack, scarcity, fragmentation, chaos, suffering, destruction, materiality/materialism as a goal in life, is lived by the conditioned human that believes himself to be limited to the human form (ego, mental, subconscious, personality, body) and separated/disconnected from its true nature which is the state of BEINGNESS. When the time comes, this distorted vision of the reality of what is will make way for a life that emerges from BEINGNESS and is lived from the state of BEINGNESS. When the activation of Awareness is experienced, the human is slowly revealed to its full potential because he is allowing the infinite field of possibilities of LIFE*/VIE* to manifest itself within the life he is experiencing. That is when the lives of human beings become fluid, balanced, free, creative, light (in terms of energy). The true identity of the human is to BE what is permanent, unchanging, omniscient, omnipotent. “Being” is not a tangible reality but chooses to express itself in human form which is a field of experience which is lived in the impermanence of life, things, in the acceptance of what is as is. Since an NDE at the beginning of 2010, Christelle Bessou is experiencing this change of perspective, offering a perception of reality as it really is, offering a memory release and bringing back into coherency the shapes and morphic fields in the self as well as the collective. Since Self-Realization has happened in June 2019 and the spontaneous activation of the pranic state in September 2019, it is now possible, when in contact with Christelle, to become aware of the meaning of LIFE*/VIE*, to reveal the unification of “BEING & Human”, experiencing the deployment of “BEING” in the human form, to materialize meaningful lives, activities at their full potential and impactful actions committing to a sustainable and accountable world in resonance with LIFE*/VIE* on Earth. If you feel the impulse of living fully and intensely the life of a unified “Human BEING”, to manifest the full potential of LIFE*/VIE*, within an enlightened and thriving life and activity, discover LIFE*/VIE* COACHING CONFERENCE with Christelle.

Experiencing LIFE*/VIE* in thyself & Contributing to a sustainable world

There is only the self, the ALL, Consciousness in all its forms. When allowing LIFE*/VIE* to flow freely, to unfold in THYself, by “mirror effect”, the environment we resonate with adjusts and harmonizes. That is when a world where LIFE*/VIE* is lived in Awareness and reveals its original coherence and natural abundance.

That is possible through a human Awareness activation. This involves, for the human, to become aware of the necessity of BEING rather than Seeming, to grasp life and its experiences from an active meditation (“medit’action”) perspective (Conscious breathing that offers a way to become the observer/spect’Actor of our life, co-creator/co-cre’Actor of the experience and the world). This provides the opportunity to live life fully and intensely without giving up anything but the distorted vision of what is, to open up to a life where it feels good to live in our rightful place. What is called “Spiritual Awakening” amounts to humans opening themselves to Being, allowing themselves to “Be”, unfolding within themselves, perceiving and understanding that what matters in life is not the destination but the journey itself and that we are all traveling on the path here and now on Earth, within lives in union/harmony/resonance with LIFE*/VIE*.

It is the responsibility of each ONE of us, in order to achieve a world in resonance with LIFE*/VIE* to which we all aspire, to strive to become a unified Human Being. The more human beings who reveal unification, who empower themselves and take responsibility in awareness, the more the New Earth is revealed in the open, while in parallel, the world of chaos will eventually disappear completely.

The time has come for you to take responsibility in awareness and actively participate in a sustainable world full of LIFE*/VIE*. Come discover LIFE*/VIE* COACHING WORKSHOP with Christelle.

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