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You are

A MAJOR ACTOR of CHANGE engaged in the mutation of beings, structures and systems, reaching a worldwide audience: VISIONARY ORGANIZATIONS, ENTERPRISES & RESEARCH LABS, INDIVIDUAL ENTREPRENEURS

  • You contribute to the evolution of consciousness and lightening of energies through your activities

Whatever your calling, your field of expertise and activities :

  •  You are looking forward to materializing your strategies and research, manifesting your full potential and reaching your highest level of self-realization to serve the World

We offer

DISCOVER how co-creating with Christelle Bessou, Visionary Consultant, helps you MANIFESTING your VISIONARY REALITY in an optimal manner by :

  • Gaining awareness about the existence and influence of various MorphoGenetic Fields (frequency, content, impact…) on your strategies and research
  • Clarifying and fine tuning your Vision in resonance with the Unified Field of Consciousness
  • Increasing the Power, Speed and Quality of Manifestation via “matter and energy” levers
  • Influencing in an evolutive manner the becoming of human beings and the Planet Earth through Advanced (Quantum) Technologies



Our offer is articulated around 3 services, to accompany you to the top of your realization, to foster the evolution of humanity in resonance with nature



Offer “Visionary Enterprises”

You are a Visionary Leader, a Business Entrepreneur, a Board of Directors

You are managing a large team of collaborators and reach a large audience

Our Vibra’Coaching service is for you and your teams, if you feel the call to, clarify your vision, fine tune your vision, integrate the human factor and the resonance with Nature in the equation « strategy * resources * performance », to drive towards the best possible results while taking place within a dynamic evolution that is conscious and sustainable

With Christelle Bessou, Visionary Consultant Specialized in MorphoGenetic Fields, you will discover a new type of Coaching, inspired and vibrational, in perfect resonance with the dynamic of your organization, with who you are and the aim of your professional and personal actions

Offer « Sciences & Research »

You are a visionary researcher, an inspired scientist

You represent a foundation, a research lab,

You are managing a team of scientists

You work to design new “Advanced Quantum Technologies” to foster the evolution process of beings, structures and systems currently occurring on planet Earth

You are looking to precisely assess the impact of your technology on the structures of human beings, on all “elements” (water, air, earth, fire), and on all living beings

With our service Consulting & Expertise, benefit from Christelle Bessou’s unique configuration, genuine human transmutation system, and discover how her energetic structures enter in resonance with your technology

Gain more clarity, precision and alignment, and ensure that your communication enters in harmonic resonance with your targeted markets and with the different categories of users

Offer “Creators and Individual Entrepreneurs”

You are an individual entrepreneur, a creator

Our services of Vibrational Workshops are for you if you feel the call to become a Conscious Initiator, align your being and your life with your activity while taking into account your environment to bring a new breath, a new light, a new dynamic into the world

In contact with Christelle Bessou, you will experience the seeding, by harmonic resonance (without using any methodologies, without interferences of the psychological mind), into all the layers of your being, in order to realize all projects that enter into resonance with your life mission

Discover more about Christelle Bessou,

Visionary Consultant Specialized in MorphoGenetic Fields,

her background and the evolution path

which transformed her into a Human Alchemical Tool at your service

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