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You are

  1. a Pioneer of Conscious Leadership, Conscious Business, Conscious Entrepreneurship, Conscious Creation
  2. in favor of the emergence of new resources, structures, technologies, systems, new management, leadership and business models 

Whatever your function, your field of expertise, your line of business:

  • You feel the call to run your activity to its full potential favorizing a world of inspiration, empowerment and thriving, preserving LIFE and equilibrium on Planet Earth
  • You feel the call to manifest VISIONARY REALITY, thanks to the alignment with the reality of what is, of your organization, entreprise, projects/strategies/researches, teams/suppliers/clients, by setting what is dysfunctional back into coherence

We offer

To DISCOVER how collaborating with Christelle Bessou offers you to MANIFEST your VISIONARY REALITY (field of infinite possibilities) in an efficient way by :


  • Being aware of the various interferences generated by the low-frequency vibrations, dissonant information/memories and crystalized energies emerging from Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields limiting your activity, strategy, research and realization
  • Clarifying and fine tuning your Vision in resonance with the Unified Field of Consciousness (LIFE at the state of coherence composed of Vibration – Information – Energy “0 point” )
  • Increasing the Power, Speed and Quality of Manifestation by integrating the zero-point energy and by resonating with the Reality of what is, [ Absolute Consciousness operating by harmonic resonance between human forms and through fields of forms (Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields) ] 


Unification World’s offering is articulated around 3 services, to accompany you to manifest VISIONARY REALITY, to the service of a world of abundance, preserving LIFE, in resonance with the NATURE of what is



Offer “Visionary Enterprises”

You are a Visionary Leader, Business Entrepreneur, Organization Manager, Board of Directors

You are managing a team of collaborators and reach a large audience

Our Vibra’Coaching service is for you and your teams, if you feel the call to perceive and manifest the VISIONARY REALITY accessing to a multidimensional vision, allowing aligned, coherent, sustainable, actions, projects, strategies, researches, by positioning yourself in the dynamic of the “Future” (field of infinite possibilities)  emerging from the unified field, in resonance with the reality of is.

Discover with Christelle Bessou, Visionary Consultant specialized in Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields, a new type of Coaching, inspired and vibrational. To her contact, being inspired and empowered opens for you the door to the conscious manifestation of the full potential, both on the short and medium/long terms, of a purposeful and straight-to-the-point activity.

Offer « Sciences & Research »

You are a visionary and inspired scientist, researcher,

You represent an organization, an advanced research lab, You are managing a team of scientists

You work to design “Advanced Quantum Technologies” to foster the emergence of new energetic resources, visionary structures and systems to foster LIFE (Vibration – Information – Energy) in a state of coherence on Planet Earth and in the universe

You feel the call to precisely assess the impact of your technologies on the various maturity states of human beings (based on differents levels/densification of Consciousness), elements (water, air, earth, fire), LIFE under all shapes (animal, vegetal, mineral) and on force fields (Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields of +/- low vibrations)

With our service Consulting & Expertise, benefit from Christelle Bessou abilities, Visionary Consultant specialized in Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields, genuine human transmutation and resonance system, to highlight how the field of infinite possibilities can manifest into various shapes and forms

Offer “Creators, Employees, Individual Entrepreneurs”

You are a Creator, an Employee, an Individual Entrepreneur 

Our services of online Vibrational Workshops are for you if you feel the call to become a Conscious Initiator, to align your activity on the abundance of LIFE (VIE ‘Vibration – Information – Energy’ in a state of coherence), taking into account business, economic and financial realms, letting the dynamic of the “Future” (field of inifinite possibilities) emerge, revealing a thriving New EARTH while preserving LIFE and balance on Gaïa.

In contact with Christelle Bessou, you will experience the seeding, by harmonic resonance (without using any methodologies, without interferences of the unconscious and conditioned parts of humans “mind-ego”), into the different layers of your being, to achieve innovative projects aligned with the VISIONARY REALITY both at individual and collective levels.

Discover more about Christelle Bessou,

Visionary Consultant Specialized in Morphic/MorphoGenetic Fields,

her background and the Realization path, the orientations

which transformed her into a Human Alchemical Tool at your service

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