Christelle Bessou

Founder of Unification World 

  • A human tool of alchemy serving Life, Living Beings, Human collective, and Planet Earth
  • A revelation device for the field of infinite possibilities, an energy booster, an accelerator of growth in resonance with Nature
  • A vibrational Coach to the service of consciousness and the emergence of new systems, structures, technologies
  • A Visionary Consultant, specialized in MorphoGenetic Fields and their influence on the different forms of Life, of matter, as well as on organizations


Unity into diversity

Cosmopolitan by her Jewish and Indo-Egyptian biological origins,  Christelle spent the first 18 years of her life on a French island in the Caribbean sea surrounded by her adoptive parents from Paris and whose education style was demanding, yet opened on the world, culture, and travels

She arrived on the European continent with a scientific “baccalaureat” and the first year in Prepa HEC (Preparation to Business School) to follow a business curriculum in a well-known French Business school which will open the door to an MBA in Human Resources

Christelle has spent 12 years in multinational corporations (Banking-Finance-Consulting, Telco & Media, Pharmaceutical and Food industries) with high responsibility jobs in various departments such as marketing, sales, project management, information systems, human change management consulting, and human resources management.

In parallel, she develops her pedagogy and empathy, her coaching skills by training herself in various personal development techniques : Hypnosis, Enneagram, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), TA (Transactional Analysis), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Psychologie),  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing),  NVC (Non Violent Communication),  Kinesiology, Reiki, etc. …

Christelle always felt the call to serve human beings and investigate all kinds of phenomenons


Focus on MorphoGenetic Fields

This first part of her life – based on an extremely materialistic worldview and a frantic pace – impacted her health and at the age of 33, Christelle reaches a breaking point which forced her to focus on what really matters and experienced detachment, dispossession, and  dis-identification in silence and isolation, far away from the world’s agitation and turmoil

During this period of challenges and great breakthroughs, emerge the ability to seed MorphoGenetic Fields we interact with, genuine autonomous force fields resulting from the aggregation of information, memories, and energies (i.e. thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns… generated by living beings of different species -humans, animals, plants, minerals)

9 years later arose as obvious that this focus on morphogenetic fields has to be offered to the structures (organizations, enterprises, foundations, research centers, associations …) and people who contribute to the emergence of a conscious, unified, and free world by :

  • seeding this world in full evolution (independent from any philosophical dogma, esoteric believes, religious or others, spiritual practice, sectarian or others,  political movements or others. In all freedom of thought and action, with only benchmarks Life Experience and the teachings that result from them)
  • gathering people around a universal consciousness, a holistic vision, a common language of the “Citizen of the World”
  • make people aware of the possibility to live their everyday life in expanded consciousness 
  • allowing the emergence of new structures, systems, technologies in resonance of the Nature of what is

The services are proposed to individuals and collective structures in resonance with embodying the dynamic of  “the Future” which is emerging Here & Now.



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