Christelle Bessou

Founder of Unification World 

Since the Self-Realization (Unity’s Integration) has occurred in June 2019, Christelle is of service as

  • An Alchemy Human Tool tuned to LIFE (Vibration-Information-Energy VIE) at the coherence state (0 point), to the service of Human Collective, all forms/shapes of LIFE (VIE) and matter on Planet Earth
  • A Revelation Device for the field of infinite possibilities, Resonator of Essence, Catalyst putting back into coherence all forms of LIFE (living beings, places & sites, materials, elements, morphic fields..)

The Unification World services are delivered as :

  • Vibrational Coaching to the service of the emergence of new resources, structures, technologies, systems, patterns, in the world
  • Visionary Consulting including the Awareness of Morphic / MorphoGenetic Fields and their impacts on the different forms of LIFE (Vibration-Information-Energy), of matter, of organizations


Unification World is neither a belief, nor a concept, it is a positioning accessible since the timelessness “NOW” and the unlocalized “HERE”

Unification World, the bridge between the Absolute “Consciousness” and the Relative “Reality” which offers the manifestation, materialization to be in resonance with what is, with the Essence of LIFE, to serve and preserve LIFE at the coherence state on Planet Earth.

  • Everywhere on this website and on the Social Media linked to the website, LIFE is heard by “Vibration-Information-Energy” at the coherence state “0 point energy” (VIE means LIFE in french). This LIFE emanates from to the Vacuum, from the Plenum full of VIE.
  • This coherent LIFE is completely different from the lives, human beings are living until Self-Realization (Unity’s integration) occurs in their life.
  • “Essence of LIFE“, “Absolute Consciousness”, “the Absolute”, “Spirit” are synonymous to be heard by THAT (‘the force’, so to speak) which has created LIFE shaped into differents forms, the Source from which everything emerges and returns NOW. What is previous to all forms of LIFE, to the Universe, to the “World manifested”, to the relative reality.



Cosmopolitan by her Jewish and Indo-Egyptian biological origins,  Christelle spent the first 18 years of her life on a French island in the Caribbean sea surrounded by her adoptive parents from Paris, and whose education style was demanding, yet opened on the world, art, culture, and travels (french parents with an open-minded spirit, especially passionated by Asia, India, South America).

She arrived on the European continent with a scientific “baccalaureat” and the first year in Prepa HEC (Preparation to Business School) to follow a business curriculum in a well-known French Business school which will open the door to an MBA in Human Resources.

Christelle has spent 12 years in multinational corporations (Banking-Finance-Consulting, Telco & Media, Pharmaceutical and Food industries) with high responsibility jobs in various departments such as marketing, sales, project management, information systems, human change management consulting, and human resources management.

In parallel, she develops the sense of communication, diplomacy, pedagogy and empathy, coaching by training herself and practicing personal development techniques such as: Hypnosis, Enneagram, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), TA (Transactional Analysis), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Psychologie),  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing),  NVC (Non Violent Communication),  Kinesiology, Reiki, etc. …

This first life period has been coloured by many trips and discoveries around the world (USA, Caribbean Islands, Polynesia, Guyana, Columbia, Peru, Reunion Island, Indonesia, Greece, Italia, España, Netherlands….). At this time, 3 languages were spoken (French, English, Spanish).

Christelle always felt the call to serve human beings and investigate all kinds of phenomenons.


Awakening & Awareness of Morphic Fields ~ TO THE ‘TRANSPERSONAL’  DIMENSION, THE COLLECTIVE

This first part of life – based on an extremely materialistic worldview and a frantic pace – have led to a burn-out.  At 33 years of age, a Near Death Experience occurred. Spontaneously emerges the experimentation of detachment, dispossession, dis-identification, Silence, Stillness, Presence, experienced most of the time, and occasionally, some public sharing through conferences, workshops.

During this period of awareness and breakthroughs, emerges the ability to seed Morphic / MorphoGenetic Fields, the Consciousness resonates with, genuine autonomous fields of forms resulting from the aggregation of information, memories, and energies (i.e. thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns… generated by living beings (of different species -humans, animals, plants, minerals), by the 4 elements (water, air, earth, fire), by different forms of LIFE (VIE Vibration-Information-Energy – different gradients of density).

9 years later occured Self-Realization, followed by the integration into Christelle of the zero point energy. Since THAT, arose, as obvious, the offer, of this unification of “the spiritual and material world” and the morphic fields’ seeding through Christelle, to the structures (visionary organizations, innovative enterprises, foundations, associations, advanced research centers,…) and leaders who contribute to the emergence of new paradigms, to the revelation of a conscious, free, unified world by :

  • seeding the manifested world (independent from any dogma, believe, practice, movement, in complete freedom) following LIFE’s motion and resonating with the Reality of what is
  • gathering people around a positioning illustrated by the bridge between the Absolute and the Relative world, an holistic vision, a common language 
  • allowing the people in activity, to the awareness of running activity and the world in resonance with LIFE (Vibration-Information-Energy) at the state of coherence, by positioning themselves into the ABSOLUTE Consciousness
  • allowing the emergence of new resources, structures, systems, patterns, technologies in resonance of the Reality of what is

The services are proposed to individuals workers and collective structures, in resonance with embodying and materializing  “the Future” world (the field of possibilities already existing but not yet densified) which is emerging Here & Now.



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