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Transmute individually your inner world. Co-create together a new outer world,
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You Are 

The leading edge of human evolution, actively engaged in transformation.
Teaching people about awareness, awakening & raising our vibration.

Whatever your calling, your field of expertise: Art, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Coaching, Communication, Web Design, Wellness, Spirituality, Quantum Energy, Health, Ecology, Science, Politics, Philosophy, Religion.

If you are LOOKING FOR reaching your highest SELF-REALIZATION level, to reach a larger and more targeted public with more depth.

we offer


ALIGNMENT in your practice: achieve the epitome of clarity, successfully teach your clients and optimize your activity by getting straight to the point.
INTEGRITY as a guide: become a source of inspiration, an example of congruence, a model of unification.
TRANSPARENCY in your activity: for more powerful teachings, a better assimilation of the information and better integration of the energies which you convey.

More FLUIDITY, ABUNDANCE and FELICITY in the different fields of your life.


Find out how Christelle transformed into a ‘Transmutation Channel’ serving all sentient beings and how, with her amplification, you can speed up your own transmutation in a perfectly aligned manner.

Discover here how Christelle came to be voluntarily, without pay, compelled to spend her time seeding the Morphogenetic Fields on Earth and how this, in turn contributes to the awakening of consciousnesses, vibrational elevation, and both spiritual and gravitational Ascension.



What does the Word Ascension actually mean ? How do you experience it in regards to who you really are ? To what extent is it linked to Consciousness Evolution, Alchemical Transformation and Vibrational increase ? You might have observed that for a few days, weeks, or...

Awakening, Alchemy & Ascension

What is Awakening? In what way does Alchemy allow you to live this awakening in an incarnate and aligned manner? In what way does Awakening and Alchemy offer to human being the possibility to ascend from dimension to dimension with a complete integration and in a...

Points of Vigilance for guides of the invisible

Energetic burn out, disrupted love and self-esteem, material and financial difficulties, anchoring problems, dissociation, misalignment and lack of integrity, transparency, multiple and diverse deviations including the experience of “spiritual ego”. Did you notice how...

Commitment & Devotion to the service of the Earth and the Human Collective

It was immensely joyful for me to physically present seminars between 2014 till the end of 2016. Life has now called me, in my right place, to work for the Earth and the human collective in the invisible realm by the seeding of the morphogenetic fields of this planet....

Materiality & Spirituality: drifting, falsifications, distortions, illusions of separation

Are you one of those who is thinking that spirituality should be free because it is a gift of the creation, a gift from the divine? As much in the material than in the spiritual world, numbers of derivatives, false representations, fake images, distorted thoughts and...

The necessary switch from a dissociated consciousness to a unified one

Since the very beginning of the life on earth, we could observe to what extent the co-existence of advanced technologies with a limited consciousness ultimately results in disasters, conflicts, maybe the extinction of different kind of forms (human species, animal,...

The Alchemic Path: an openness to the magic and the abundance of life

To follow the alchemic path is to open to the magic of life through vibratory experience — to let yourself be moved by the universal energy of consciousness and the presence of all that is. It’s the difference between succeeding in life to succeeding your life. It...

Connection between Alchemy, Co-creation and the Shining/Radiance

To choose to reconnect to our true nature and welcome all of ourselves is to abandon ourselves to the action of the vital energy that animates us and lives in us at every moment — beyond thoughts, emotions, values, believes, behaviors, automatism, habits, conditioning...


To live in the joy of introspection is to find the way back to one’s self, to climb the bars of the ladder of consciousness one-by-one and elevate your vibration. Ascend towards the version of yourself that is living in its full potential and in original state of...

The Morphogenetic fields and their impacts on Humanity and the Planet Earth

In our divine essence, we are all co-creators, whether we are fully aware of it or not. Everything that we co-create by interacting with the universe, the Earth, and other living beings influences our present reality and our becoming — both at an individual and...


Contribute to the co-creation of Unification World Academy in favor of unified consciousness expansion on earth, allowing humankind to converge towards unity, peace & freedom.

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